ISS World


Sharing innovative ideas and enhanced collaboration


One of the world’s leading facility service companies ISS was challenged to share knowledge with +500.000 employees worldwide.



We have developed an app Ideas@ISS, where employees across departments can collaborate on innovative ideas. This app is developed in close collaboration with one of the world’s leading facility service companies ISS and its innovation lab ISS Corpoprate Garage.

The world is constantly developing and in order for companies to stay one step ahead of the game, it is important to unleash more innovation power among employees. The ‘Corporate Garate’ is a game-changing project which is about collecting ideas, spreading inspiration across the company and putting their employee’s creative ideas into effect.


Increased collaboration through gamification and interaction with co-workers

Generation of innovative ideas through interactivity

Knowledge sharing of company related news and innovation

Improved motivation to contribute to the community through gamification