Lockheed Martin


Improved service with real-time data access near the aircraft and the customer

Lockheed Martin

Improved service with a real-time data access near the aircraft and the customer

Need for an employee app with a real-time data


FSR personnel had continuously asked for more seamless integration of their reporting systems to lessen the work load. ​To access the FSR Hangar, a user had to start their laptop and gain internet access, which was both inefficient and time consuming. It would be much more optimal if the user entered the data while on site with a customer without accessing a laptop. And that’s where we came in. Now, the entire process is fast and runs smooth as never before. 

Information accessibility for FSR near the aircraft and customer


Based on the EmpAct SaaS solution, FSR Hangar is an employee app for Sikorsky Field Service Representatives (FSR’s) to complement their existing laptop solution.

A tool to use when at the operator’s location. This gives near real-time data access and capture.

A quick overview of the situation related to an airport or an aircraft.

A uniform communication platform with the operational centre.

A quick possibility to add personal notes related to the operator or aircraft.

The solution makes FSR better prepared and offers the possibility to offload data on site.

Lockheed Martin is the world’s largest supplier in the defence industry with +100.000 employees and an annual turnover of over 300 billion DKK. BridgeIT cooperates with Sikorsky in delivering a mobile digital workplace solution for their employees.