Farlige Stoffer

In close collaboration with Beredskabsstyrelsen (Danish Emergency Management Agency) we have developed a new version of the existing app called Farlige Stoffer (Hazardous materials). We are proud to have been chosen to help Beredskabsstyrelsen (DEMA) with this meaningful tool for authorities and professionals, such as firefighters, health professionals, police and other rescue parties.

Important information and instructions available at hand

Beredskabsstyrelsen (DEMA) offers a mobile app that assists rescue workers, when searching for information on hazardous chemicals. The app can be used as a fast and accessible digital tool to find relevant information about incidents where there is the presence of hazardous chemical substances. Furthermore, this tool gives access to instructions for handling the substances in the most secure way. Farlige Stoffer contains information on hazardous materials which originates in two series of handbooks published by DEMA: “Guidebook for emergency response to hazardous materials incidents” and “Manual for response to hazardous materials incidents”. The app is in Danish only, but the search register contains all UN-numbers and English names of compounds. Last, but not least, the app can also be used offline, once user has downloaded the app and the data in it.

Client: Beredskabsstyrelsen
Platform: iOS and Android
Released: 2017
Countries: Available Worldwide

Press release: Click here

In case of an incident or suspected leakage involving chemical substances or explosives, the Farlige Stoffer application can be used by an Incident Commander to ensure safe, fast and correct handling of the situation.

The Incident Commander can search on UN-numbers and/or substances to find information on how to secure the area. The new version has an improved search function and includes a map that visualizes the assumed contaminated area depending on wind direction and substance state. Furthermore, if there is no knowledge about the substance, the Incident Commander can also find information on what to do to secure the area in that case.

Moreover, the app includes information on symptoms and first-aid to help first-on-sight medics and hospitals for quick and correct treatment. The users can also find a quick dial to “Kemisk Beredskab” and other advisory channels.

The application´s target users

The Farlige Stoffer (Hazardous materials) application is targeted towards authorities/professionals, such as firefighters, health professionals, police and other rescue parties. However, the app is also used by i.e. lab technicians and journalists as a reference tool for an easy overview of complex data. The app is available in the public app stores on both on iOS and Android, for both smartphones and tablets.
You can download the app here: App Store and Google Play

Development in close collaboration with Beredskabsstyrelsen

In order to come up with a solution that would improve usability of the existing app we conducted two workshops in close collaboration with Beredskabsstyrelsen to clarify requirements for this project. It is of the utmost importance that we understand the user and their needs before we start developing, and therefore we also conducted in-depth interviews with firefighters, who are part of the user group of this app.