Effective communication, role-based tools and much more 



Effective communication and role-based tools by an employee app

Need for a role-based employee app


Coop, the largest retailer of consumer goods in Denmark required an employee app which would enhance communication, on-boarding and recalls across their brands in order to free time for store personnel to focus on their core activities.

At the same time, Coop wanted to secure ownership of data by getting rid of public collaboration tools and at the same time optimize knowledge sharing and collaboration in general.

The Employee app “Os i Coop” for the 40.000 COOP employees is based on BridgeIT’s EmpAct platform.

The solution is implemented across each brand within COOP and complies with the highest GDPR and security standards.
The “Os i Coop” solution is a good example how the EmpAct solution drives efficiency, knowledge sharing and governance in large corporations.

Communicate more efficiently both vertically and horizontally in their organisation

Support the recall process directly to store employees

Execute knowledge sharing in a much more efficient way

Support faster onboarding and secure higher degree of governance

Coop is the largest retailer of consumer goods in Denmark. Coop operates the retail chains Kvickly, SuperBrugsen, Dagli’Brugsen, Shopping, MAD and the subsidiaries Fakta A/S and Irma A/S. Coop Denmark and the subsidiaries have an annual turnover of approximately DKK 50 billion, and in total more than 40.000 employees.