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The leading engagement platform


The leading engagement platform

Empowering your employees benefits your business

EmpAct is a customizable mobile app solution that connects your employees and supports the digital transformation in your organization ensuring high retention by role-based solutions with relevant information and work tools in one place. EmpAct is the leading provider in a mobile workplace for the modern employee.

Value for your business

Communication & Governance

  • Increase the relevance of your messages through customized communication
  • Enhance the quality of your messages through role-based communication
  • Improve your organizational reach through their own phones
  • Effective governance through role-based communication and context in one place
  • Effective governance through employee data in one place

    30 – 35% Improved organizational reach
    200% Enhanced reaction rate
    10 – 20% Improved employee engagement
    3 – 5% Travel cost saving

Collaboration &


  • Improve the distribution of company related knowledge, information and news
  • Increase employee performance and company knowledge through relevant knowledge sharing
  • Increase collaboration through gamification and interaction
  • Decrease knowledge gap through relevant knowledge sharing

    0 – 10% Increased employee performance
    20 – 25% More informed employees



  • Save your time through automatized learnings, training and faster onboarding
  • Faster implementation of strategy and change management
  • Higher process and operational efficiency through automatization
  • Improve employee satisfaction through facilitated processes
  • Improve employee performance through automatized learnings, training and onboarding
  • Easy access and overview of tasks in one place

    5 – 10% Savings of working time
    10 – 15% Improved service delivery
    10 – 20% More effective onboarding

Data Insight


  • Get real-time insight into relevant business data
  • Fast distribution of your business KPI
  • Get relevant insight of employee and company performance
  • Enhancement of data-driven decisions
  • Increase transparency through quick access to relevant data

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