Emini’s time registration application, known as SelvReg, is an existing iPad solution that has been updated and polished by BridgeIT. Collaborative workshops between Emini’s experts and BridgeIT’s talented developers and designers has resulted in a major upgrade to the design and user experience for all.

The solution is aimed at companies who want to offer employees an easy and efficient way to register their working hours and individual tasks. The solution functions as a supplement to an already existing platform for handling HRM, CRM, ERP, as well as invoicing and payroll management etc. (http://www.emini.dk).

Managing tasks and time

This solution can be used in most types of companies but is particularly suitable for companies in the recruitment industry and businesses that focus on temporary employment. As a user, you can log in using your CPR. number, see your daily tasks and register your own working hours. The tasks are determined and distributed to specific employees, by an administrator, and employees can “check in” on a given assignment when they begin and “check out” when they complete it.

This is an extremely effective way for this type of employee to handle both tasks and time material, because it returns the information back into the company’s existing systems, ensuring that both payroll and billing are done correctly.

Expectations for the solution

We expect that the new design along with the added and improved functionality will make using the app both easier and faster, while also creating a better overview of the user’s individual tasks. The app now runs optimally for iPads; bringing the intuitive solution to more platforms and users.