We are delighted that Danish newspaper Berlingske has shared the story about our MyPso app and its positive influence on people’s lives and the healthcare system.

Helping psoriasis patients

MyPso is an app that allows psoriasis patients to track their symptoms and well-being, as well as identifying the triggers of symptoms. Our studies show that personal registration is crucial in order to strengthen the dialogue between patients and health professionals.  The app helps the patient to gain a better understanding of their specific condition. This includes the impact of their own lifestyle, their triggers and details about the actual outbreak of disease.

Enormous potential in health data

“There is a huge potential in the health data that citizens collect themselves… Big Data and Machine Learning enable us to handle data in a completely new way for future initiatives. Citizens can become more self-reliant and we can detect and treat diseases much faster because citizens’ health data captures the earliest indications that something is wrong,” says Martin Jensen Buch, chief consultant from IT-Branchen.

Please read the full article here: https://bit.ly/2wXXLSs  (In Danish)

To read full MyPso case, please visit https://bit.ly/2xNrm5a