Self-reporting tool for collecting data amongst Danish families

We are happy to announce that BridgeIT in collaboration with the Danish national research center Viden til Velfærd (VIVE) (In English: Knowledge for Welfare) will be developing a mobile solution used for qualitative data collection amongst a selected group of Danish families with children in the age of 3-5. The solution will serve as a self-reporting tool where the participants can keep a diary, upload photos and short videos from their everyday lives. The purpose of this VIVE social study is to research the Learning Environment in Danish families.

We are proud to be chosen to help VIVE and delighted about the opportunity to create a solution that contributes to social welfare research.

About VIVE

VIVE is an independent National Research Center under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Interior Ministry. VIVE is the largest Danish Research community in the welfare area and cooperates closely with the strongest academic organizations in Denmark and internationally. VIVE initiates research projects by its own initiative and handles projects for ministries, municipalities and organizations.