BridgeIT attends Beyond Data 2017

Last week our team members attended a great conference called Beyond data 2017 arranged by Computerworld. Data and Business Intelligence is important for every company that strives to embrace digital transformation. Digitalization is about both improving products and customer experience, as well as optimising internal operations and workflow.

It was great to see presentations and the work of other companies from different industries, as well as see how companies in Denmark are digitalising with IoT, machine learning and mobile solutions. Furthermore, we learned that there is still a need for improvement regarding handling Big Data and data analysis to improve their business.

Denmark’s digital stand point

Denmark’s starting point for digital transformation is currently successful as Denmark is the most digital community in the EU according to the European Commission. This is due to, among other things, a well-developed digital infrastructure. However, digital development is rapidly moving forward and many countries are moving fast with digital transformation (also countries outside the OECD). Digital advancement in other countries is happening faster than in Denmark, which in the long term can challenge our competitive advantage.

BridgeIT supports digital transformation

We are striving to do our best to help our customers to kick-start their digital transformation by implementing digital tools for their employees.

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Image: Claus Jensen from Dansk Metal presenting at Beyond data 2017