IT is the most valuable strategic part of your business – no matter the industry

Mobility is one of the stepping stones to starting your digital transformation. It transforms not only the way we reach customers, but also how employees go about their daily work lives and the tools that they use. While artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality are trending in the world of technology, it is still of the utmost importance to strengthen strategy on digital and mobile solutions first.

4 key elements when building a successful enterprise mobility strategy

Here are four key focus areas to keep in mind when considering your enterprise mobility strategy as a starting point for digital transformation in your company.

1. Business Value – what do you want to achieve?
To ensure a successful implementation and execution of a digital solution, it is vital to identify your business goals. Enterprise digital solutions can be translated into business cases such as: reducing operational costs, keeping employees updated, as well as introducing and implementing innovation. See more cases

2. Microservices – choose the set of features you need
Some types of mobile applications become easier to build and maintain when they are broken down into smaller components which work seamlessly together. Each feature, such as phonebook, quiz, news or booking is developed separately. The application is a coherent combination of these services. It saves costs and provides precise solutions to concrete problems.

3. Security – more important than ever
High level of security for personalized mobile devices is even more critical than for desktop computers, especially if there are many employees with more than one mobile device. There are many enterprise mobility management solutions that ensure data security in organizations. Each time they need to correspond closely with the type of services you are using.

4. Agility of development – flexibility along the way
Agile development will continue to be the preferred development method in years to come. It ensures fast and efficient mobile solution development, as well as the possibility to adapt to the changing demands both internally and externally.

Enterprise mobility has been the focus area for IT investments in 2016 and will remain so in 2017 (1)

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