Increase employee engagement by introducing gamification.


Gamification – what is it actually?

Gamification isn’t gaming per se, it is introducing a fun approach to tasks that are commonly seen as too difficult or too dull. Gamification is the concept of applying game-mechanisms to a non-game application to make daily assignments more user friendly and engaging. (1)

Gamification is leading the way in another important area of technology – user engagement

Gamification has been around and used in the workplace for a long time, however in recent years it has become more in the spotlight. This is due to a new set of tools, technologies, design disciplines and frameworks. All of which has allowed companies to do gamification in a more accessible and scalable way.

Did you know that HR departments are increasingly implementing gamification? Gamification has proven to be a successful tool that helps companies create a more engaged, motivated and productive team. This is done by positive psychology such as; positive feedback and breaking down learning material into games. (2) (3) (4)

So where can you apply gamification?

Gamification can be applied to many different areas in order to increase employee motivation. Such as; training and learning, sales, collaboration, human resources, product development, innovation and to strengthen corporate cultures. (5)

What can you gain from gamification and how can you implement it in your company

A survey by the Aberdeen Group shows that companies who use gamification can improve the employee engagement level by 48% and a financial turnover by 36%. (6)

Just like with many other things, gamification needs to be done correctly and designed carefully. At BridgeIT we take the time to learn and understand what it is that motivates our audience. It is important to define the goals in order to understand what mechanisms are needed in the apps we create. It is about building something challenging but still achievable as well as a learning tool. Feedback and progress is also of the utmost importance.

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