Are you part of today’s modern workplace?


Digital workplace is designed with modern working environment in mind

Just a few years ago today’s workplace was a different place. Due to mobile devices becoming an increasing trend, today’s modern work place is designed to enable productivity wherever your employees are and whatever device they are using.

The way we work and communicate has changed drastically

Digitalizing of services for customers is an increasing demand, however it should start with your employees. It is of upmost importance to give your employees the right tools to support this change, both in the way we work and the way we communicate.

Businesses are starting to realize the potential of going mobile and how being a part of the mobile trend can have a positive impact on their business, in terms of increased productivity, efficiency and enhanced communication.

Did you know that apps increase worker productivity by 240 hours a year and that 53% of workers say that apps help them do their job better? *

EmpAct = digital transformation at your workplace, which drives your business forward

New circumstances require employers to adjust their strategies going forward. But how?
With EmpAct you can engage your employees in a smart and innovative way by using newsfeeds, games, and productivity and communication tools and much more!

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