BridgeIT is expanding!

It has only been 5 months but already 2016 has been an exciting year for us. Not only have we opened an office in Stockholm, Sweden but we have been welcoming our new talented colleagues

Here is a sneak peak of who has joined our team in the last few months…

Mihai Cristian Sandu

Start date: January 2016
iOS Developer
Mihai Cristian started out programming in C++ but in the last two years switched to iOS and other technologies. At BridgeIT Mihai Cristian will be joining the talented iOS team.

Ida Bach Hansen

Start date: January 2016
Junior Designer (Student Assistant)
Ida is a multimedia design student from Cphbusiness and has an eye for visual details. Ida’s role at BridgeIT is to help with the design for customer projects and internal tasks.

Inga Adamsone

Start date: February 2016
Business Developer
Inga has a M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration – Marketing Globalization and Communication from the University of Southern Denmark. At BridgeIT Inga’s role will be to work with sales, developing market plans and product management.

Mikolaj Matyaszczyk

Start date: March 2016
UX/UI Designer
Mikolaj has several years experience in digital design. This has given him the opportunity to a develop highly versatile skill set allowing him to deliver across different media. At BridgeIT Mikolaj will work with UX and UI design and digital materials.

Helene Sarkel

Start date: May 2016
Business Consultant
Helene has a background in Philosophy, Economics and Strategic Management. As a Business Consultant at BridgeIT, Helene will provide advisory services for our clients and it will be her goal to facilitate smooth processes as well as reach the optimal solution for every customer.


We are exited to see what else 2016 has in store for us and who else will be joining our team!