Due to the BridgeIT SaaS, roll out is easier as well as maintenance of the app


The up and coming MyPso app has been successfully launched in the U.S, Germany, Austria, UK, Denmark, Belgium, Russia, Switzerland and Italy. Canada and Greece are the next upcoming releases.

Due to BridgeIT SaaS, roll out and maintenance of the app is easier because changes and updates are based on standard components.

The BridgeIT SaaS provides businesses the opportunity to create multiple identical solutions. For the MyPso app, we have been treating each country as an individual mobile solution, however the SaaS allows for an identical app with different end points catered to the specific countries such as: localized text and branding.


More information

Leo, Maersk, Dong and Berendsen are just some of the companies that already use our SaaS for mobile solutions. Would you like to know more about how we can support your business needs, please call Søren Bolvig on tel. 20 55 34 22