With the BridgeIT Mobile Platform you can get all the advantages of Native apps at a reasonable price.


There are currently three main technology paths you can choose from when developing a mobile application. These are typically referred to as Native apps, Web apps and Hybrid apps.

All three have a purpose in the market, however which one to choose, more or less depends on which context you need them in and what suits your specific business needs.


Technology differences

Native apps live on your device and therefore, once downloaded, work without needing a network connection. Web apps run in the devices internet browser and do not require download. Hybrid apps combine elements of both Native apps and Web apps.


When to choose a native app over a web solution

An app is more relevant for your business when your needs are:

– Regular usage

– Communication and information distribution

– Complex reporting

– Location and maps

– No internet connection required


Native advantages at a reasonable price

Native apps are considered more expensive because you have to develop for each platform (iOS, Android, Windows). But depending on your business needs, web apps are not always the most profitable solution. So what if you could have all the Native advantages, but at a reasonable price?

With the BridgeIT Mobile (BMP) platform this is possible. We reduce the cost by reusing components across all platforms. Then you only have to focus on the User Interface – which we also can help you with.


More information

Maersk, Dong and Berendsen are just some of the companies that already use our BMP for mobile solutions. Would you like to know more about how we can support your business needs, please call Søren Bolvig on tel. 20 55 34 22