The objective is to help increase motivation amongst politicians on the municipal and regional level, and to increase competence development by encouraging knowledge sharing.


A number of politicians at the local level are new to politics, extremely busy, and can to a large degree benefit from the experience of others. We have developed an app for Center for Offentlig Kompetenceudvikling (COK) called COK politiker, that aims to provide newly elected local politicians with access to course material, contact information and updates on the other local politicians in Denmark

Center for Offentlig Kompetenceudvikling (COK), also called National Academy for Government management and training, fosters competence development and knowledge sharing amongst local politicians, using mobile technology.

Targeting politicians at the municipal and regional level, COK aims to develop public sector administration. In doing so, COK offers a wide range of courses, training sessions and seminars.


Available for ‘Kattegat 2014’ course participants

As an important factor in the continuous development of political competencies at the local level, COK especially focuses on knowledge sharing. Therefore, COK has in collaboration with us developed a mobile application, which can be used by newly elected regional and municipal politicians, who participated in the meeting “Kattegat 2014”.


Up to date with the political agenda

The aim of the app is to provide politicians with instant access to information, news, knowledge and communication with other participants, thereby enabling the politicians to stay updated on the political agenda in their municipality and region.

Furthermore, it allows them to participate in tests and surveys, continuously challenging and developing their political minds.


Social media and news stream

Integrating social media and news streams, the application allows each individual politician to customize their app in order to get targeted information based on their individual preferences.

Pulling information from the webpages of the different municipalities, the application functions as an information aggregator allowing the users to get timely and relevant information about specific issues in their local area.