With help from us, BEC business customers can utilize the latest technology and design in the mobile banking solutions for their end-consumers.


The financial institutions utilizing BEC’s technology can now, as the first companies in the Danish market, offer a mobile banking solution designed in accordance with the latest iOS7 (may 2014) operating system from Apple.

All end-consumers using this latest version will be able to utilize the new mobile solution on their device, be it iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Consumers using an older version of the operating system will still be able to access the older version of the mobile banking solution.


Design follows Apple guidelines

Business architect at BEC, Kristian Bonde Jensen emphasizes the importance of Apple’s design directions and explains how BEC carefully strives to follow these guidelines in the design of their mobile solutions:

“We believe that Apple will continue to be a large and influential player within mobile development, meaning that they will continuously launch new features to the different devices. Therefore, we as an IT-supplier believe that it is of utmost importance to stay updated and ensure that we support the underlying platforms, thereby allowing the financial institutions and the banking customers to achieve the best support for the new features”.


BEC utilizes customer testing and prototyping

Further, Kristian Bonde highlights how BEC utilizes customer testing and prototyping to ensure that the new mobile bank adheres to end-consumer demands. These tests allow BEC to acquire valuable knowledge about its end-consumers and their preference, eventually helping BEC build a stronger solution.

The tests have further provided the foundation for e.g. the new structure of the mobile banking solution, in which the menu option “My Bank” is introduced. “My Bank” provides the banking customer with access to a messaging service, allowing customers to communicate with their advisor in an easy and efficient matter. Further, this functionality allows the customers to manage their credit cards and search for the nearest ATM.


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