We have helped the large multinational ebay in the opening of new markets. The “Deal of the Day” application allows stores to launch great offers and push their messages directly to the end customers.


The eBay application “Deal of the Day” has been launched in Russia, allowing the Russian customers to find and use discount vouchers for their local stores.

It is a simple solution, which gives the users access to discounts in stores like Gap, Starbucks, Cacharel, Banana Republic etc.

The customers do not have to purchase the product using their phone, they can simply access the discount voucher and use it as a regular voucher when paying at the cashier.


User recieves localized offers

Furthermore, the app has a built in map of different shopping malls, making it easy and convenient for the customer to locate the store and use the offer. The application utilizes the built-in functionalities of the iPhone, allowing the customers to get localized offers, specifically relevant for their given geographical location.

The application allows the vendor to push the same offer in all of their stores in Russia simultaneously.