We have helped Berendsen build a mobile sales tool, which enables the sales force to create orders through an iPad application, while being on the customers’ site. The solution is capable of capturing customer orders even when offline. As soon as the iPad is online again, the order is automatically placed in Berendsen’s systems and then carried out. This application makes the ordering process easier and more convenient for the sales force and more efficient for the customer, as it allows the sales force to immediately close orders and place them in the system.

The solution is expected to have direct effects on the bottom line at Berendsen, as they estimate a cut of 50% in order lead-time due to less processing. This is expected to free up 10% of the sales force. Through the creation of a business database, in which Berendsen can access the required information for each customer quickly, the application eases the process of order creation.

The solution is currently running in Denmark. However it is expected that it will be introduced in several of Berendsens’ subsidiaries throughout the world in the last quarter of 2013. The overall aim being, an implementation of the solution in six geographical regions in mid-2014.