Launch of TNS Gallup Kompas Test available in the Scandinavian App Store (iOS) and Google Play. A funny gimmick that allows users to identify what segment of the Danish population they belong to, and compare and contrast themselves to other segments.

The App is a simple questionnaire, which through opinionated questions give a nuanced insight into consumers’ opinions, values and lifestyles. It uses the BMP for gathering statistical data, whenever a user completes the survey. The questionnaire is a simple web form. The App has been developed as a supplement to the book “Kender du Typen”, in which nine segments of the Danish population is described. It paints a picture of the different lifestyle segments existing within the Danish society, and lets the reader identify and compare themselves to others. The App takes the user through a set of questions, on the basis of which it generates a personality type, describing what segment the user belongs to, and what specifically characterizes this segment.