In collaboration with Københavns Kommune, we launched an App “MinVej” targeted specifically at patients suffering from mental illness. The App focuses on the recovery process and allows the user to understand and deal with their illness more appropriately.

“MinVej” is a project developed to support the recovery phase of people with mental illness. The project focuses on preventing relapse and supporting the patients in live a normal everyday life. The project sets off in the continuous work done by the researchers in “Forskningsenheden” in the municipality of Copenhagen, who aims at developing, implementing and testing methods and initiatives, to support the recovery process of mental ill citizens. Using BridgeIT Mobile Platform, the project integrates a mobile App and a website, which allows it to be targeted specifically to the needs of each user.

Both the App and the website was launched during the fall of 2012, and we continue to work with Københavns Kommune, to ensure the relevance and strength of the solution, by closely collaborating with the patients, their families, and professionals.