We have in collaboration with IUNO, developed a new application for iPhone. The App is specifically targeting HR professionals working with HR law.


This new app aims at providing a total and easily accessible overview of HR law in the Nordics, as such laws often differ significantly amongst the Nordic countries. With this app you get a complete overview of HR-law in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

The app is built around three core functions; HR-guides, employment law and check-list functionality:
•    Guides regarding different phases of the employment (Hiring and Firing and other questions)
•    Employment lay with a search function (Dansk Funktionærlov, Norsk Lov om arbejdstvister, Finsk Employment Contract, Svensk Employment Protection)
•    Documents which documents the employee receives and returns (e.g. keys, and other equipment)

Download the application HR: JURA for free on the Appstore.