BridgeIT’s successful conference, which was held last Thursday, provided inputs on all the questions that firms are facing when they consider including an app in their business model – when the App no longer only functions as a creative graphical add-on, but as an integrated tool, which delivers improved value on the bottom-line.

The conference was held in Njalsgade on Islands Brygge, where the cozy surroundings ensured a pleasant atmosphere. Nils Folman (Board member, BridgeIT) opened the conference by shedding light on common pitfalls in app development. Following this, an interesting talk by Stig Tiedemann (CEO, Novenco) provided the participants with information about how their app have improved their sales figures and helped globalize Novenco.

Torben Garne (Vice President, Forsikring & Pension), encouraged the participants to discuss matters, by opening with a talk about their application “Husets Vejralarm”, and how this is meant to diminish damages associated with storms and rough weather. Following this, Jan Smith (CEO, YouSee) provided insights into how YouSee have developed their future business opportunities around the creation of their app. Lastly, Jacob Larsen (COO, BridgeIT) finished off the day, with his take on how to successfully entering the world of mobility.

We are hoping that the 65 participants can use this new knowledge, and improve their understanding of how apps can and will in the future provide help provide help and superior value on the bottom-line.